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Small Wishes
i plucked
dandelion seeds
and placed them
in a jar.
i wish on them
every night,
wishing for
another day
changing who
i am.
:iconautumn-fires:Autumn-Fires 7 6
i remember your smile.
it was like the glow of
a million colliding stars.
it was as contagious as
the most beautiful disease.
blind me with your grin.
ingrain it in my eyelids
so i'll see nothing but your smile
whenever i close my eyes.
:iconautumn-fires:Autumn-Fires 14 12
I'm seasick from being tossed over
your rough, word-filled beautiful ocean,
so calm the storms threatening to tear me open.
Whisper me a lullaby and sing me to sleep.
Tuck me in with the hidden, wonderful treasure of the deep.
The winds are howling, so run for cover.
:iconautumn-fires:Autumn-Fires 6 0
It's a feeling that pools in your navel,
one that fills you with a slow warmth.
You mistake it for love,
but in reality, that isn't what you're feeling.
You want to be with this person,
be with them, sleep with them.
You want them for yourself and will do anything
to have them with you by your side
so no one else can have them.
You start noticing other people, too,
and the same feeling blooms inside.
It curls your lips into a sensual smile,
drawing people in.
It lowers your eyelashes so no one sees your eyes,
adding to an aura of mystery.
It makes you ooze charm so people like you,
so you capture their interest.
You get to know them, start to long for them.
You want to sleep with them. You become obsessed.
Slowly, it drowns you in desire and
you reveal your inner nature before your eyes.
They want to leave you, but it's too late.
:iconautumn-fires:Autumn-Fires 3 0
Your body wants to do nothing
but lie down and not move.
Every bone is made of lead
and they are incapable of movement.
Your limbs are glued to the bed,
and only your eyes and head move.
Nearby, your phone makes a sound.
You got a text from someone,
but you can't convince your limbs
to lift themselves from the bed and
see what they had sent you.
You sigh and smother your face in a pillow
as you block out the rest of the world,
and hope you'll get to stay in bed
for the rest of the day.
:iconautumn-fires:Autumn-Fires 6 2
It rages through your veins,
igniting your blood and turning it to gasoline.
Your heart is the gas station,
pumping it throughout your body.
Your stomach is the fire,
kindling the flames until you explode.
Anything can make it worse:
Someone trips you at work.
A friend destroyed your phone.
You forgot an important assignment.
Someone tells you to calm down,
but you can't, because the fire is lit.
The flames are eating away at your insides.
It reaches your gasoline-filled veins.
The fire races to your heart.
It's in every part of your body.
It's only a matter of seconds.
:iconautumn-fires:Autumn-Fires 3 1
Another Day
         A boy sits on a bench right in front of the sign of the school he goes to, getting rained on and mulling over a previous meeting with a bully from school. He is also waiting on his girlfriend, Holly. They've been dating for five months now, and Jack would say it's going somewhat smoothly, with only a few bumps in the road.
         He shudders at the memory of the encounter. Don't think about it, Jack, he tells himself and tugs his somewhat long strawberry blonde hair into a ponytail with pale, shaking fingers.
         Think about something else. Think about the weather, and how you should really remember to dress properly. The sky is dark and the clouds are swollen with rain, ready to fully burst at any moment. There is a light sprinkling, though, and it feels good against his increasingly warm skin. He is still thinking about the situation. He sticks out his tongue to catch a few raindr
:iconautumn-fires:Autumn-Fires 1 5
Pure Happiness [Chapter Five]
         "I was like you: young, curious, and fascinated by happiness and what's outside of Vacarnay." I was startled, since I didn't tell him about that. "It's obvious that you didn't come here because of a 'school project'. I see the papers peeking outta your notebook. They're photocopies of articles about the outside of Vacarnay. You've done yer research."
         I subconsciously tucked the papers deeper into my notebook.
         "Anyways, I did my research, too. A lot of it. I spent hours, days pouring over articles, books, videos, anything that would be of use to me. I lost sleep, I ate less, I fell behind on my school work. I was, in truth, obsessed."
         Would I become like that? Obsessed to the point where I suffered? The thought was almost terrifying.
         "My friend was especially helpful in helpin' me. She supported me in everything. Still
:iconautumn-fires:Autumn-Fires 1 0
Here everyone is, lined up in rows of green.
Here they are, waiting for their diploma.
Here we are, wanting to get on with our lives.
Here I am, yearning to be free.
They listen to their achievements.
They wait to throw their caps up and
prove they're ready to begin
the most important part of their lives.
:iconautumn-fires:Autumn-Fires 7 0
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Waddles the pig by Emera247 Waddles the pig :iconemera247:Emera247 2 0 Pot or Two by PhotographyKatie Pot or Two :iconphotographykatie:PhotographyKatie 2 0 My Artistic Poem! by AssClownFish My Artistic Poem! :iconassclownfish:AssClownFish 3,892 431
A Few Flash Fiction Scribbles
Pale Blue
Evangeline was wearing a pale blue dress that day. As always, her urburn tinted hair was only tied in a bun. A small string of pearls was her only choice of accessories.  She always looked so elegant with minimal effort - it's what I envied about her the most.
My own attempts to mimic her always resulted in a messy affair. My mousy hair was too static to look neat and I was not allowed to wear jewellery yet. Granted, I was only a mere eleven year old girl at the time. Yet, like most younger sisters, I always dreamt of being like my elder sister.
She was really beautiful. And kind. She had all the attributes that could have gotten her many suitors. Could have. She barely ever left the house.
She never did, to be frank.
Mother did not allow her. She didn't want people to see the way her daughter pull and tore at her sleeves whenever she was around people. She didn't want them to hear how Eva stammered when spoken to by strangers. It chilled her to the bone whenever
:iconatypicallily:AtypicalLily 6 4
Plant by KheldarDux Plant :iconkheldardux:KheldarDux 1 0
Please Tell
 Me and Grace sat at the table in the Commons as Jess went to get herself some lunch. Grace​ leaned over to me, "Did you know that Jess has a crush on Drew? She's been head over heels for him since the first day of school." I lean closer, "Yeah, I know. But did you know that Drew was going to prank her? I only found out today and I don't think that this is a very good idea." Grace sat up, "Don't be such a bore Claire, I've known for about a month now and I can't wait to see the look on her face!" Grace looked around the Commons and then turned quickly at me. "Shh! Drew's about to prank her right now!" she hushed. I watched as Drew walked up to Jess and tapped her back for attention, Jess glances​at him and then turns at him, startled and slightly nervous. He gave her a heart shaped box with a note on it, she took the gift and read the note. After that she places it on the table and then unwraps the ribbon on the box and started to open it. Something popped and splashed
:iconcreepypastime:Creepypastime 2 0
Here I lay, on the grass of a single hill,
Weak, stranded, and heart so ill...
On the verge of death, I stare at the sky,
Watching the clouds and time go by....
How did it come to this? Such isolation?
Deep in my heart, I feel the deprivation...
Twas not always like this; a life of sorrow,
There were joyful days, when I looked to tomorrow...
I had friends, who would always care,
and a woman, which our love we would share...
Then I was a soldier; a captain dressed in medals,
I had seen many countries, fought in countless battles...
But I was always gone, away from my friends,
and delivering my enemies their ends...
My love was patient, she said she'd wait,
and wanted me to stay from heaven's gate...
In that one fateful year, so long ago,
everything started to fall like snow...
My friends had left me behind; off at other bars,
When I had arrived, they were already in their cars...
I was nothing but their past, tossed out like trash,
Hell... I wanted their cars to crash...
But that pain w
:iconjustanotherdj:JustanotherDJ 3 6
I still remember the night we went stargazing, and I whispered that I wanted to bottle up the constellations. You turned to me and murmured that I've had them all along.
You told me there's starlight in my eyes,
That maybe blue eyes are oceans and
green eyes are forests but dark eyes, oh, they're galaxies.
I never liked my eyes, they're brown and boring like flat soda without bubbles,
but you said they sparkle, and I believed you. I always did.
I started looking for the glimmer in my eyes, because if you said it, then it must true, there must be solar systems hiding in my irises; nebulae, the birthplaces of the stars, are swirling around in deep space.
But nebulae are just dust and dirt and that's all my eyes must be, because they don't sparkle anymore, they haven't sparkled since you left.
Stardust is just a speck in my eye, and that's all it's ever been.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 33 12
and i'm in love with the way she cracks a smile
after cracking a joke
and her laugh when i say something funny;
i adore the way her hair swoops
ever so slightly at the ends,
even when she complains about it.
i'm in love with her nebula eyes
that turn bright with the sky
and the galaxies in her hair,
the way it looks like a melting sunset
in fluorescent lights and
she is neon signs and city streets
without the danger;
she is weekends spent home alone
but never feeling like it;
she is poetry and 3 a.m. texts
and fairy tales and architecture
and and and--
she is home.
:iconinthespacebetween:inthespacebetween 16 6
My Goddess
Walking along this hallway
You're in class, in your seat
I try to look away before you notice
Because my heart pounds and skips a beat
I know of your problems
But I lack experience to be of your service
Just one smile is what I need
For me to finally be at peace
You might think I'm aggressive
But I'm just trying to speak
You've tried leaving me
But it's only your heart I seek
I'm sorry for hurting you
I haven't been your perfect partner
You've gone through worse
Things went downhill since December
When you attack me
It feels like betrayal
But I'm fine with taking the hits
I'll still guide you through your trail
Please remember this
I have a soul and feelings
Just because I'm your man
Doesn't mean I'll withstand the beatings
:iconunknowngoalkeeper:UnknownGoalkeeper 6 1
It began at early age,
The obsession of my mind,
Every letter perfectly formed,
The imagination stretches further than the screen,
I drank in every picture and word on turning page,
There was no book unread in childhood left behind,
So before I was schooled I was in reading informed,
Even the dictionary for me could build a scene.
Ardor and school to me were the same,
In listening it seemed I noticed repetition among my peers alone,
So to sate my thirst I'd turn ahead,
And be called on to answer without looking up,
Soon reading in stealth became my game,
And to my teachers I was a nuisance known,
They'd rather that I was like the other children instead,
But I am not water to fill a preferred cup.
I used to hate the task of writing for class,
Teachers offered prompts to us that held no interest,
Pencils wore the groove in my middle finger,
And the expression of what was in my mind was rough,
Back then it felt like they were behind unbreakable glass,
Invisible to all but th
:iconrefield:refield 8 18
Knotted, Never Graceful
Your hair is knotted,
I watch confusion as you walk by,
the two face sign speaks you so perfectly,
You pretend and I ask why,
My hair is short,
You watch me battle silently but loudly,
The courage that I cant live up to,
But I will get through soundly,
Tonight I should have talked,
But I let the others glide with you,
swirl around you and your hair,
I let others find a way through,
Oh now my hair is knotted,
short as I watch people on a glowing light,
I watch as I fall in a state of grace,
Your hair soft like that once was bright.
:iconrarabunny1:Rarabunny1 2 0
"I'm living in my worse nightmare," I told her with a sigh. "Never mind, you wouldn't understand..." And then she laughed like i just said the funniest thing she's heard today. I turned to her, pissed. Full intent on calling her out on being so mean. That's when i noticed that for the first time today, she wasn't smiling. She looked like a different person, someone worn. Someone who has been dealing with everything for a long time. I realized that i am seeing under her mask, I didn't even realize she had one.
With a voice full of pain she told me, "Out of all the people you know, I'm sure I'm one of the few people who know what living in your own personal nightmare feels like. Sure, yours may be different than mine, but that means nothing. We all have our own personal hells, some of us just happen to be living in them."
"When did you become so broken again?" I asked in a whisper. She use to be like this all the time but I thought she got better.
She smiled sadly and shook her head. "No
:iconuglybrokensoul:UglyBrokenSoul 1 0
With knuckles clenched,
and sweat on brow,
I'll finally muster the courage,
To say the words that have been,
On tip of tongue,
For what feels like a generation.
:iconzodia-mocking-bird:Zodia-Mocking-Bird 1 0
grasping hands
 and a bleeding
i speak  
        but the world
 is cold and empty
words are                
with the
waves that      
can't move
in a vacuum      
if i suffocate
   would you
                 save yourself again?
:iconh0p3-t0-d13:H0p3-t0-D13 9 0
In Need of A Heart
In need of a heart
of any kind
a beautiful heart
never broken before
In need of a heart
neither old nor wise
naive, like mine once was
until it aged with time
In need of a heart
bursting to the size
with love and laughter
not shriveled with tears
In need of a heart
filled with dreams not reality
brimming with ambition
to make the world a better place
In need of a heart
any heart at all
to replace this heart
that knows only emptiness
:iconinsomniawriter:InsomniaWriter 3 0



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i plucked
dandelion seeds
and placed them
in a jar.
i wish on them
every night,
wishing for
another day
changing who
i am.
i remember your smile.
it was like the glow of
a million colliding stars.
it was as contagious as
the most beautiful disease.
blind me with your grin.
ingrain it in my eyelids
so i'll see nothing but your smile
whenever i close my eyes.


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